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Vanniyar Manamalai. Please confirm Christian kodikalkara vellalar in tamilnadu comes under BC list. All are one nation don't say interior caste to separate humanbeing rights.

nadar caste belongs to which category

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Krishna ashtakam by adi shankaracharya with meaning

Nice post! Thanks for sharing! And we are here to help you to find Yadav grooms MaduraiYadav brides Madurai for your bright future. For the best Kerala bride and groom profiles, register free on allyseek. Visit: Kerala Matrimony. Agamudayar including Thozhu or Thuluva Vellala. Agaram Vellan Chettiar. Archakarai Vellala.Nadars are predominant in the districts of KanyakumariThoothukudiTirunelveli and Virudhunagar.

The Nadar community was not a single caste, but developed from an assortment of related subcastes, which in course of time came under the single banner Nadar. Nadar climbers were the largest subsect of today's Nadar community. A few subsects of the Nadar community, such as the Nelamaikkararswere traditionally wealthy landlords and money lenders.

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Historically, most Nadars were cultivators of palmyra trees and jaggery and a few were also involved in the toddy trade. Nadar climbers had faced discrimination from major upper castes in some regions. The martial art of Varma Kalai was historically practised by the Nadars. The socio-economic development achieved by the Nadars in southern India has elicited academic interest.

The community was previously known as Shanar [4] but legally changed their name to Nadar in Nadars claim that the original name of the community was Shantror or Shandrar noble one which, in course of time, was corrupted to Shanar. Channar is a title used by the Ezhava community of Kerala.

The origin of Nadars as a social group is uncertain. Hardgrave stated that the Teri palmyra forests around today's Tiruchendur must have been their original abode.

nadar caste belongs to which category

They also claimed that the Nayak rulers of Tamil Nadu imposed Deshaprashtam ostracism on the ancient Nadars to ensure that they would not rise. The traditions followed by the Nelamaikkarars and the existence of the ruins beneath the Teri palmrya forests of Tiruchendur and the Pandyan capital city of Korkaiwhere the Nadar population is predominant, suggest they could very well be the heirs of the Early Pandyas.

In the early nineteenth century, the Nadars were a community mostly engaged in the palmyra industry, including the production of toddy.

They commanded high respect among the population, including from groups such as the Nadar climbers, the minority Vellalars and the Brahmins.

Nadan men rode horses and their women rode in covered palanquins.

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Nadar climbers were also to be found in other regions of Tamil Nadu where a few palmyra trees grew. In areas where the Nadar climber population consisted of only a few families in a village, they faced discrimination from major upper castes.

They were also very caste conscious. Hardgrave conjectures that the Nadars of Southern Travancore migrated there from Tirunelveli in the 16th century after the invasion of Tirunelveli by the Raja of Travancore.If we can't tunnel through the Earth, how do we know what's at its center? A lady introduce her husband's name with saying by which can stop or move train what is that name. Give points yo advocate thst biology is linked with physics chemistry mathsmatics geography.

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Hottest Questions. Previously Viewed. Unanswered Questions. Caste System. Wiki User But Nadar caste is minority caste with presence in kanyakumari and tirunelveli.

Castes And Surnames.

Asked in History of India Why is basit caste still recognized as schedule caste in the schedule of constitution when caste certificate is not issued to this caste? Basit caste is not schedule caste, so to remove its identity as schedule caste they are now called vashisht rajput. Asked in Caste System Is Maurya a schedule caste? Asked in Caste System Is nadar caste superior to gounder caste? Nadars are Superior in aspects of Money, Power and Heritage. I think Christien Nadar. Asked in Tirunelveli Which caste does actor sarathkumar belongs to?

Asked in Hyderabad, Caste System Is chauhan schedule caste? Yes, chauhan can belong to schedule caste. I have seen many such chauhans who come under schedule caste.

Asked in Caste System Is katheriya a schedule caste? I am anil katheriya from Luckow. Asked in Caste System Is kushwaha caste a shedule caste? No Kushwaha is not at all a schedule caste.

Kerala Caste Community and Religion history

Asked in Kolkata What are the different titles of schedule caste in West Bengal? Asked in Caste System Is golan belongs to schedule caste or other-backward class?

Golan doesnt belong to schedule caste or schedule tribe. KOHLI belongs to khatri caste or the business caste. Khatri caste is a business caste among Punjabis. Most of khatri people have shops and are in business.

Asked in Hyderabad Are sindhi schedule caste? Sindhi are not schedule caste but in sindhiese there are few caste which were called depressed caste during census of Asked in Caste System Is marwaha caste a shedule caste? They are kahtri's in Punjabi. Asked in Caste System What caste is Ediga? Asked in Caste System Is adhikari caste is of schedule caste? No,they are Brahmins,also rajputs. No it belongs to General Caste.

nadar caste belongs to which category

Asked in Caste System Is kanojiya caste a schedule caste?Agamudayar including Thozhu or Thuluva Vellala. Agaram Vellan Chettiar. Archakarai Vellala. I formerly S. Dekkani Muslims. Devangar, Sedar. Gowda including Gammala, Kalali and Anuppa Gounder. IllathuPillaimar, Illuvar, Ezhuvar and Illathar. Kaikolar, Sengunthar. Kallar Kula Thondaman.

Dallas rappers

Kalveli Gounder. Kani, Kanisu, Kaniyar Pannikar. Kaniyala Vellalar. Kannadiya Naidu. Karpoora Chettiar. Kasukkara Chettiar. Katesar, Pattamkatti. Kerala Mudali. Kongu Vaishnava. Kudikara Vellalar. Kuga Vellalar. Labbais including Rowthar and Marakayar whether their spoken language is Tamil or Urdu. Lingayat Jangama.

Mahratta Non-Brahmin including Namdev Mahratta. Moondrumandai Enbathunalu 84 Ur. Sozhia Vellalar. Muthuraja, Muthuracha, Muthiriyar, Mutharaiyar. Nangudi Vellalar. Oottruvalanattu Vellalar. Paiyur Kotta Vellalar. Kathikarar in Kanniyakumari District. Pannirandam Chettiar or Uthama Chettiar. Perike including Perike Balija. Podikara Vellalar. Pooluva Gounder. Pulavar in Coimbatore and Erode Districts. Pulluvar or Pooluva. Reddy Ganjam.Alva is a surname shared by Bunts and Catholic community.

Margaret Alva, politician,is a Mangalorean and Catholic Christian. Gambhir is a surname used by Bunts. Surnames of the Jain Bunts are the same as the rest of Bunts.

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In Kashmir, Hindus and Muslims have been sharing the same surnames since ages. For eg:surnames such as Bhat and Pandith are shared by both Hindus and Muslims. Naik is the surname used by Bunts. Shetty is the surname of Bunt Community. Bhandari is the surname used by both Bunt and Barber communities. By Vani Hegde. View all posts by vanihegde. Thank you Madam, for visiting the site. I think, when people convert themselves into different religions, they retain their original surnames; for eg.

Bhatt is the common surname among Kashmiri Pandits and Muslims. And i feel this reasons can also be one reason for the common surname. MY pleasure that i visited this blog. Please tell me caste of surname uplapwar. Does they come in deshastha brahmins or something else?

The surname Uplapwar belong to Yajurvedic Brahmins of Vedaantam families. They migrated from Kunchavaram Agraharam near Tenali. Majority of community members of Chitrapur Saraswat Brahmins and Rama Kshatriyas add names of their ancestral places or villages to their names in place of surname. Which category they belong to in Andra pradesh and Karnataka?? If so which caste in Karnataka. Dear Anusha, Verma surname is used by Kshatriya caste.

However lots of people nowadays use Verma as their surnames by their own and are even holding various reservation certificates.

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In Karnataka,Bunts hold the surnames of Verma, the title of Kadambas. Actually there are lot of difference in surname Hegde, Hegade, Heggade Because of poor knowledge of this, British they have cultivated wrong thing. Hegde — Has been used by Bunts e.

Ramakrishna Hegade Heggade- Has been used by Jains e. Veerandra Heggade. Dear Sachin,received the copy of your letter addressed to Shri M. Thank you for the additional information. Konkan Marathas are Konkani speaking Hindus with surname Naik. Bunts also have Naik as surname.

Nadar (caste)

Dear Kumar,Vokkaligas and kotegar belong to Kshatriya community. Thank you for visiting the site. Both are different, one is a guard of fort and another is farmer, one is maratha, another is kannadiga.Pillai is the award or title given by the Maharajah to the Nairs who hold Thirumukom. Thampi is the title given to the children born to Travancore Maharajahs in Nair wives. The Thampis had the right to stand erect before the kings and to travel in Pallakks carrying carts. Kartha is one of the positions given to the Nairs of Travancore.

It is also believed that Thekkumkur-Vadukkumkur rajahs gave the title to some landlords. Kurup is one who gave Kalari training to the members of royal family. Panicker is also one those who gave training in weapons to the royal family members.

Panickers were also known as Asans. They enriched history as saviors of the land. Kaimals were experts in warfare and financial management. Unnithan, Valyathan, Menon, Menokki were also titles conferred on those who performed remarkable deeds. Those who were in high positions in Nair community in Cochin won the titles of Karthavu, Kaimal, Thamban etc. Purathu Charnnavar and Akathu Charnnavar were servants of the royal family.

Out of this, supremacy is for Purathu Charnnavar. Nair priests who performed rituals in Kalaries were known as Kuruppans, Unnikal, Kurukkal, Adikal etc. Elamkulam Kunjan Pillai had recorded that in olden times when people lived in the Western Ghats, categorization on the basis of work done by them was in practice. There were seven such categories.

Though Brahmin migration to Kerala took place during three or four centuries B. Caste system began in Kerala only after this period. Sabdatharavali names the caste as Brahmins eight, Newna Vargam minorities two, Antharala Jathi temple dwellers twelve, Sudras eighteen, Shilpi six, Pathithar untouchables ten, Thana Jathi lower caste eight and 64 numbers of sub-castes.

Keralathinte Samoohya Ghatanayum Roopantharavum. Gopalakrishnan ascertains that there was no caste system in Kerala till the end of Buddhist renaissance period. Brahmins also migrated to this area and there was no caste among them.The Nadar community was not a singular caste, but an assortment of sub-castes and classes of different origins, which in course of time, came under the single banner Nadar.

Nadars are predominant in the southern districts of Tuticorin, Kaniyakumari, Tirunelveli and Virudhunagar. The origin of Nadars as a social group is uncertain. Samuel Sarugunar claimed that they are the descendants of those who ruled the Cheran, Cholan and Pandyan kingdoms and that when Nayak rulers captured the Pandya country, it was divided into several Palayams divisions for each of which Palaiyakkars were appointed as rulers.

Sarugunar believes that the Nayak rulers of Tamil Nadu imposed Deshaprashtam ostracism on the ancient Pandyas Nadars to ensure that they would not rise. The traditions followed by the Nelamaikkarars and the existence of the ruins beneath the Teri palmrya forests of Tiruchendur and the Pandyan capital city of Korkai, where the Nadar population is predominant, suggest they could very well be the heirs of the Early Pandyas.

Two inscriptions at Kalladaikurichi suggest that in medieval times the Nadars served as administrators and accountants in both the Chera and Pandya countries. However, there is little evidence to support the community's claim to be descendants of the later Pandya rulers. The identity or caste of the Pandyan kings remains a mystery.

This belief, that the Nadars had been the kings of Tamil Nadu, became the dogma of the Nadar community in the 19th century.

If you are a Nadar, you are welcomed to join this project.